CVS Photo

Site Features3.0
Print Quality3.0
Ease of Use3.5
Overall Rating3.0

CVS Photo's digital photo printing service offers various special options such as minor editing and photo sharing to the users. Most of the picture that is developed by CVS Photo fall into "average" zone though it is not extremely good looking. The photos did not impress us much but also it did not disappoint us. It can be believed that they use Kodak printer as the photos they developed are delivered through kodak envelopes. There are various other digital photo printing service which provides better quality than CVS service but on the whole CVS Photo's service had no problems as is very easy to use.

Site Features

The site is extremely user friendly. Reviewing, editing, and sharing your pictures using this site couldn't be easier with its "drag and drop" features, and the online storage is unlimited so you can store as many photos as you want. Any photos you want printed can be set to be picked up in-store with just a few clicks. A great site with wonderful features all the way around.

Print Quality

CVS Photo Print Quality is comparable to Kodak, but CVS is able to print great photos of sunsets. Their color and tone comes out great and very realistic. Their black and white photos do not turn out so great; they look like they were blue and white. Other photos may have cropping issues.

Ease of Use

The online CVS Photo Center does not have live help. You can call or email them, but live chat is a lot quicker and easier. Their frequently asked questions section really does have a lot of info and is very helpful, but you cannot search in it, making it also more time consuming.