Sam's Club Photo

Site Features4.0
Print Quality4.0
Ease of Use3.0
Overall Rating3.5

Sam's Club Online Photo Printing tries to keep up with a lot of other popular photo printing companies but it does not have a lot of special or additional features. One of the drawbacks is that you have to be a member of Sam's Club to even use their photo processing. You have to fill out your club number and a bunch of other extra data and prove you are a member. If you're already a member, then they are OK to use and they could be a little bit faster in their delivery times but at least the prices are not bad.

Site Features

You will not encounter many problems using the upload feature on the Sam's Club Photo site. Unlike other online photo services, you cannot use the Sam's Club service without entering proof of valid membership, meaning that you need to show that you are a member by entering your membership number at the very beginning of the process. CVS and Sam's Club Photo both use the same uploading system, in case you have used the photo service from CVS before. In the past, it was fairly difficult to upload photos to Sam's Club, but since then, they have made significant modifications to the system which now works much better.

Print Quality

Sam's Club Photo Print centers develop great, realistic and true color photographs. They also print the best black and white photo as well. The service can take an aerial photo and brighten it up to look even better.

Ease of Use

Sam's Club Online Photo Center is not very helpful and does not have very many useful features. Their FAQ section is good, but you cannot email them or chat with anyone online. You have to pick up the phone and call them, which is not helpful if you are not on central time.