Walgreens Photo Overview

Site Features4.0
Print Quality3.5
Ease of Use4.0
Overall Rating4.0

Walgreens are known for being a pharmacy and also for their photo printing. The digital photo printing service features same day pick-up, in store, a desktop organizer application and a large assortment of photo-based gifts. Walgreens received satisfactory reviews in our previous ratings with high quality photographs and an impressive selection of features. Walgreens Photo Center upholds the status it has established in its area pharmacies and maintains that reputation in its digital photo printing service. In this highly aggressive marketplace, though, Walgreens' prices must compete. Walgreens Photo Center highly recommends that you come to the store to get your order instead of selecting home delivery, so look into that prior to completing your purchase.

Site Features

Walgreens Photo Center offers a full suite of photo services for creating books, cards, prints and other photo products. Several options for uploading photos are clearly described on the website, making the task easily accessible to even first-time users. Once photos are uploaded, customers choose from several pricing and shipping options, including same day pickup at the store, overnight, 2-day delivery or USPS. The pricing charts clearly describe price and delivery options for digital prints and other products. The photo center comes with one drawback: the skimpy help option. Fortunately, this otherwise well designed web site has an excellent search facility.

Print Quality

Walgreen's print quality and photo center prints are above average when compared to others. Photos in sunlight actually came out pretty clear, but black and white shots can come out discolored, with a kind of yellow tint. Walgreen's ranks within the top four best printers.

Ease of Use

Walgreen's Photo Center is very easy to use online. If you need any help, you can ask for it online with their live chat, send them an email or in an emergency you can call them directly. They also have searchable frequently asked questions section on their website.