York Photo

Site Features4.0
Print Quality4.0
Ease of Use4.0
Overall Rating4.0

York Photo Online Photo Printing is easy to use and cheap, but gives you high-priced looking results. If you do not want to print your photos, then York offers online galleries, high resolution downloads and group pages to post photos albums so friends and relatives can look at your pictures. You cannot upload videos, only photos but you can't have your photos sent anywhere locally to be printed. It would be nice if they could include some of these features in the future. Overall, you get good photos for a great price with an easy to use and understandable system.

Site Features

One of the best things about York Photo is how amazingly easy to use it is, even people who have very little experience with computers should be able to complete the process of ordering prints without any difficulties. They have three different methods available for uploading photos - there is a basic uploader, where the files have to be selected one by one, there also is a small application (written in Java) you can use to choose multiple files to upload at the same time, and for those who would like to heavily use the services of York Photo they even have a downloadable media organizer application that lets you upload photos or videos directly to them, without even visiting their website. An example that demonstrates how foolproof the whole process is how at the end they suggested changing the print size to the one best suited for our pictures, letting the photos be printed without having to crop too much off of them.

Print Quality

York Photo Print quality is satisfactory for the every day photo taker. The black and whites can be a little off colored, but most people probably would not notice. York Photo can also fix aerial shots that turn out pretty clear.

Ease of Use

The York Photo online help network has the tradition frequently asked questions page as well as the top problems, questions and concerns listed out. You cannot call them, but you can shoot them an email. Supposedly you can also fax questions, but there is no fax number listed.